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Sharphill is the iconic green hill one mile south of Trent Bridge, Nottingham. Plans are in progress to build 1500 houses on this recently released Green Belt land.

The Sharphill Action Group, (SAG), are a group of people with an interest in the extra traffic, drainage and the provision of school places for the new houses.

The planning process is hard to follow and the council is not brilliant at truly involving existing residents, beyond the bare minimum. Because developers act in their own interests, SAG tries to highlight issues and make sure the consequences of plans are discussed more widely.

Click to see the full site map or read the 500 + objections to the last proposal

The Outline Application was approved on 18 September 2017. The letter of approval is here. Many details are yet to be finalised. We are told that a detailed application is likely to be submitted in the first half of 2019.

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Bovis building houses, but not planting the promised margin around the wood.

<h1>Bovis building houses, but not much else yet</h1>

Bovis are building rapidly around the wood, but so far there is no sign of the promised planting in the small buffer between the trees and the development.

The promised schools is due to open in two years time (Sept 2020).  In November 2018, consultations are happening to decide which trust will run it.   In the mean time, children from hundreds of new houses will have to cram into the local primary schools.

There are no new shops so every household will have to drive into Edwalton or West Bridgford to buy anything at all.  Its a pity that the planners were not able to make the new development less car dependent.

Will over intensive development limit community facilities ?

Developers have squeezed in plans for more houses than were planned in the earlier stages. We are concerned that this is at the expense of public spaces and parks for teenagers to play in.

The Local Centre is at the extreme south of the site (see map). If it had been in the middle, people could walk to the shops.

Unlimited traffic down Musters Rd ?

Bovis Homes have submitted their latest planning application to build 600 new houses at the top (north) end of the Sharphill site. They want to remove the restriction on a secondary access to Musters Rd, which originally was to have been for emergency vehicles and buses only, to allow all traffic to freely go down Musters Rd …

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Who is planning the new School ?

Less than a mile from Jesse Gray, roofs are being built over children’s brand new bedrooms. Brochures for the new houses draw attention to the good schools in the area, but local schools are already bursting.

The map shows a lot of details for houses, but the primary schools site is a blank space. When will the new Primary School at Sharphill be started ?

So who is in charge of making sure that these children have a school place ? The Nottinghamshire Local Education Authority ? An academy chain ? The developers (no). We do not know. The houses are being built today.

Will houses be seen on the ridge line ?

The history of planning applications at Sharphill

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