Country Park Shrinks

The incredible shrinking Country Park

After the 2009 Appeal, plans for Sharphill included green space for walkers, children, runners, cyclists and day dreamers. The 2013 modifications have drastically shrunk this space. The builders say they can’t make a profit without building over most of it.

Is this because the land owner, Brian Wells, and the developers, David Wilson Homes, have an inflated idea of the profits they can normally expect ? (Their barrister told the 2009 Inquiry that there was a desperate need for affordable housing, yet four years after getting permission they have not built anything.)

Rushcliffe County Coucil meets tonight on 12th December 2013 to vote on these changes. You are welcome to watch.

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(From Green Infrastructure Proposals)



From Page 123 of Rushcliffe Core Strategy Proposed Modifications