How much traffic will be allowed down Musters Rd from new housing ?



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Rushcliffe Borough Council are again consulting people’s views about the new development at Sharphill / Edwalton. If you have a feeling of  Déjà vu, don’t worry, a Planning Inspector consulted on the same thing last year.  If you want to comment on the proposal to open up Musters Rd to new residential traffic, in addition to buses and emergency vehicles,  details of how to comment are here.  The deadline is March 31st 2015.    Scroll down for a summary of the issue. We are concerned about the future safety of the junction at Boundary Rd / Musters Rd and think it will become more dangerous with the extra residential traffic flowing from the new development.  We are also  concerned about the suitability of upper Musters Rd to cope with an increase in traffic volume, especially given that Jesse Gray school is there.  See below for more details about this access road.

What can you do ?

– read about the issue below

– comment to Rushcliffe Council before 31st March 2015

– comment on this page

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How to send your comments to the council;

You can also add a comment to this page.    If you’d like to keep in touch with us,  please click the Facebook Like button on the right.   The issue with Musters Rd The new development will have a spine road running from  near Wheatcroft Garden Centre to the cul-de-sac at the top of Musters Rd as shown by the blue line in the map below. Until 2009 the plan was that only buses, emergency vehicles and bikes would use this access.  Automatic bollards would be used to stop cars.  The new plan includes even more housing and it is now proposed to open Musters Rd to these properties.  The number of houses that will use this entry is unspecified (!!).   How long will it be until other residents elsewhere in the development demand equal access to Musters Rd ?  Then what would the traffic flow on to Boundary Rd be ?

“Primary vehicular access should be provided off A606 Melton Road, with bus, emergency-and a limited amount of local traffic movement provided through Musters Road;”  (page 15,

A different Planning Inspector considered the subject again in 2014 and said;

“Principal vehicular access should be taken from Melton Road (A606), there is the potential for secondary vehicle access from Musters Road and from Edwalton Lodge Close subject to detailed design considerations. The potential Musters Road access could provide for some local access, subject to detailed design approval and being demonstrated to be technically feasible, which would be controlled by a barrier and smart card system.”  (page 28,

New spine road


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